2018-2019 overview

A Goal in Mind


Our goal is to raise $50,000 in 2018 to continue to create real and meaningful changes in the lives of young people through sports.  We hope you will join our team!


Philippine Heritage International: We awarded a grant to support the Philippines Women's National Water Polo Team and support water polo camps for village children in the Philippines.

The Swan Within: We awarded a grant to support a non-profit program that teaches ballet to formerly sex-trafficked, incarcerated youth in juvenile detention facilities in Los Angeles County.

Equal Playing Field: We have supported girls' soccer clinics in Jordan in 2018, and sponsored a special needs youth to participate in the Guinness World Record-setting "largest soccer game" in France in 2019. Both opportunities were hosted by the Equal Playing Field non-profit.

Santa Monica Fastpitch: We helped players on a championship softball team in Santa Monica travel to a regional tournament that they could otherwise not afford to attend.

Community Collaboration for Ghana: Through a collaboration with El Segundo middle school students, we transported lightly-used, donated soccer equipment to village children in west Africa.

"In Search of Greatness": In a collaboration with the film makers, we hosted a screening of this sports documentary. We were able to invite 50 local youth soccer players and their families to attend the screening for free. We were also able to sponsor a screening at a Boys and Girls Club.

Guinness World Record Soccer Game: The NSF was proud to provide support to a six-year-old soccer player with special needs to participate in a Guinness World Record-setting soccer game during the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup hosted in France.


Sports can address health and social inequalities.


Of the estimated 1 billion children living in poverty globally, about 15 million live in the United States.

Poverty is correlated to a range of adverse health outcomes and reduced likelihood of educational attainment.

While it is difficult to address the myriad of systemic factors related to poverty and social inequality, giving underserved children access to sports is an important intervention that can cut across confounding dynamics.

In 2018, The Nartey Sports Foundation aims to raise $50,000 to support sports-related interventions for young people.  These funds will support specific opportunities for vulnerable children to change their perspectives and their lives through sports.

In addition to improving their physical health and reducing their risk of the top 10 health problems in America, playing sports will have a lasting mental and emotional impact.

The young athletes funded by the Nartey Sports foundation will have a chance to discover greater potential in themselves.  They will be given the chance to redefine who they are instead of being defined by their circumstances.

Learning discipline, determination, teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship will better prepare them to achieve more as students and eventually as professionals.

We appreciate you support of this vision, and we look forward to working together to make a real difference.



1 Billion

Children living in poverty globally


of U.S. children are overweight



of Fortune 500 CEOs played sports


2018 fundraising goal to create pathways for less fortunate children to access sports