Making a Splash:  Supporting Women's Water Polo in the Philippines.


A Global Vision:
Sports is an important pathway to empowerment for women in developing and transitional countries.


The Nartey Sports Foundation has a global vision for empowering young people through sports.  Often children and young adults in foreign countries experience the greatest vulnerability and need.

Opportunities for global athletes include: financial empowerment and autonomy, educational opportunity, solidarity, community support, healthy body image, access to health education, improved self- esteem, a way to demonstrate nationality, and a pathway to higher education.

In particular, women in developing countries have a lot to overcome.  Participation in organized athletics helps young women to achieve empowerment, and lessened risk of gender-based abuses.  





Women who play sports often have*:

  • improved physical and mental health and well-being

  • athletic competence

  • improved self-esteem and body image

  • more flexible gender identity

  • improved perceived moral reasoning, socialization

  • competition and leadership

  • more positive sexual behavior

  • lowered risk of intimate partner violence

The Nartey Sports Foundation is pleased to support the expansion of access to competitive water polo for women in the Philippines.  The NSF honored to collaborate with the Philippines Heritage International (PHI) to create these life-changing opportunities for young women, specifically offering support to athletes living in the Philippines to have the chance to train in the United States and develop pipelines to intercollegiate athletics.













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